Are you looking for a support to the training, eating and/or supplementation that you do?

Do you need to go one step further will make you advance in your sports performance?

Do you want your team or sports group to optimise the process of eating, physiological control, training and competition loads, as well as recovery?

Do you do everything as planned -training and diet- and you do not accomplish an improvement proportional to your commitment?


ENDURALOG can assess and advise on those aspects of training and eating control that allow achieving the long-awaited “marginal gains”, but without ignoring the “great gains” that are sometimes ignored and overlooked.

  • Establishment of achievable, possible and expected objectives.
  • Monitoring and analysis of training and its impact on health and performance.
  • Personalised training and/or food plan (individual or teams).
  • Load control, prevention of overtraining and injuries.
  • Optimisation of recovery.
  • Control, assessment and monitoring of body composition and weight.
  • Proper and safe use of nutritional supplementation.
  • Education for movement and/or nutrition.
  • Recommendations and plans to optimise sports performance and collaboration with the coaching staff.
  • Travel to competitions, training camps, etc.


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