70,00  70,00 

Monthly Pack (beginner) includes:

  • Initial interview and assessment (on-line 45-60 min): history, trajectory, needs and setting of goals.
  • Attention: support online mail / web / platform (unlimited, response time 48-72 h). Conversation-video-call-phone (every 2 weeks).
  • WEEKLY control and monitoring (WKO5, TP, GoldenCheetah, HRV, Endurafit, Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Strava, Stryd, etc.) of training / performance.
  • MONTHLY plan (1-2 changes of session, possible per month, for unforeseen events).
  • Season planning (100% adapted according to personal objectives and number of performance “peaks”).
  • “BASIC” TP (TrainingPeaks) account. Access to “PREMIUM” (per month according to pack): € 8 per year; € 12 quarterly; € 15 monthly.
  • STRENGTH training planning (on-site test – virtual: *optional).
  • Member of the private Enduralog group on Facebook, with access to information, experiences, content, etc.
  • Invitation to trainings and presentations at a reduced price.
  • Anthropometry**.
  • HRV4training control and monitoring (“PRO” account *optional).
  • BestBikeSplit competition strategy (*optional).
  • Lactate test (on-site) (*optional).
  • INSCYD Test (*optional).
  • “PREMIUM” Fuel the Core account (*optional).
  • Technique analysis and exercises (*optional).
  • Assessment of blood and urine tests (*optional).
  • Control for “special athletes” (diabetics, CVD, MS, etc.).
  • Tutorials to resolve doubts or unforeseen changes (injuries, illnesses, trips, commitments,…).
  • Competition Advice (“Tips” in TP account).
  • Counseling Tests/Evaluations Field/Lab (“Tips” in TP account / Reports) *optional.
  • Nutritional Advice (“Tips” in TP account: for training / competition / refreshments-refuelling / supplements / trips / etc.).
  • Professional nutrition software/app account (*optional).
  • Material and Equipment Advice.
  • Discounts with different Collaborators.


NOTE: Recommended use of: GPS + heart rate monitor + cycling and / or running power sensor. Optional: other devices (NIRS, balance, etc.).

*Optional: consult conditions and services.

**Anthropometry (consult conditions and services).

**Fuel the Core: possibility depending on the period or pack signed.

**Analysis and technique exercises: virtual or face-to-face possibility according to period or signed pack.

***According to the period or pack signed.