To support people exercising, training and competing with interest in developing their potential with evidence base practice, education and research.


Everyone can reach the maximum they have potentially, and Enduralog will help to get it.

The main goal of ENDURALOG is helping to develop the potential of each person in the field of HEALTH, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, and SPORTS TRAINING.

This will be achieved through:

  • Continous developing and designating evidence-based proposals, reports and feedback.
  • Engaging with the people and their goals achievement, whathever level of performance without forget health.
  • Supporting, developing and delivering sports training and dietetic advice.
  • Share and learn from and with everyone who forms or requests services from Enduralog.
  • Liaising as appropriate with other professional groups and monitor the development in physiology, sports and exercise training, nutrition and dietetics.


Welcome to the merger of

Physiology, Sports Training and Nutrition!

Do we SUM all your potential until INFINITY?

Let’s get closer to it!

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